Video conference call by link (browser based)

Happy Thursday to all hardworkers! 

As always, we want to share some good news with you and give you an useful tip concerning online video conferences.

If you use for private family calls, we also advice to try it for work related online video conferences.

The service is free and also supported on all PCs with screensharing feature. So why not to give it a try?

Webcam for online video call: use or not to use?

There are many services providing free calls online. Some of them are made specially for chat with strangers, others allow only invited people during video calling.

Sometimes it might be tricky to have a stranger in chat. Especially for children, whose parents must pay a strong attention to what online services are used by their kids. 

But sometimes such “internet places” are empowering communication on specific topics of interests. So geographically distant or physically disabled people can still be involved into discussions, share opinions and making actions.

That is why free online calls with or without web camera usage are important nowadays. The only suggestion for everyone before using them and actually starting a call: try to get more information about the website, which provides online video chat service, and about its features, in order to protect your privacy in the internet.

Lets take as example, where each user can protect his/her call by setting up the password, allowing only invited people in the chat and creating personal room with contact list of Facebook, Google+ friends only.

In this way no stranger without your allowance can be connected to the online video call.

Enjoy online video communication, team.

What to do if people don’t see or hear you during videocall? team major goal is providing the top quality of every video call. That’s why we’ve made special page, where you can make a test of the camera and microphone at your computer.

Here is its link:
Just open it to check if everything works on your computer.

Have you got the Congratulation message? Than the problem is on the other side of the ‘wire’ ;)

Arrange a videocall with your Android phone

Are you ready to try on your Android phone?

Note, that no app need to be installed! Just open in Chrome browser at your Android phone and follow the standart steps to arrange the call:

1) send the invitiation (or chedule the call on specific) using the button on the bottom of the page;

2) wait until people are connected

3) enjoy the talk.


Regards, team.

Do you know a website for video calling?

Sure! is the right answer to this question.

It’s a perfect solution for calling online through your Chrome browser.

And now it also works at your Android phone!

Give it a try! team.