How to start web based conference with video online?

When you can actually see even on the screen, it’s much more effective way of communication than when you just talking by phone.

Video is important. It’s not just about reducing the cost of travel, but it also about speeding up the development and production processes in any business nowadays.

The WebRTC technology now allows us to connect our all organization in a much more effective way than we’ve ever dreamed. Everyone can get connected immediately without any software installation.

All is needed to start the video call is to open the (press Start videocall button) and send the invitation to other participants.

 That is it! Keep being productive, team.

Правнук современного компьютера для совершения видеозвонка

По конструкции первый серийный аппарат для новаторского вида связи представлял собой два отдельных устройства.

Первая часть комплекса — чёрно-белый 5,5-дюймовый дисплей с разрешением около 280 горизонтальных линий и частотой обновления 30 кадров в секунду, который оснащался встроенной камерой, динамиками и микрофоном.

Это устройство работало в тандеме с самым обыкновенным 12-кнопочным стационарным телефоном, что позволяло использовать для видеозвонков стандартные телефонные сети.  

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What do video conference calls give to the business?

Saying that nowadays remote working become more and more popular is the same as saying nothing. Distant employees are essential part of any business today. Lots of modern companies have their offices in different countries as business is globalizing itself.

From the other hand one of the most important keys to company success is communication. It involves plenty of aspects: informing, discussing, making decisions etc.

That is why online video conference calls are so important for progressive companies. 

We won’t make a surprise saying that there are plenty of choices in online video conference services. Free or expensive, full of features or applicable only for particular client needs, easy to use or requiring the training etc etc etc. But the essential part of each tool is to connect people from any place, any device, at any distance. 

These 3 points is driving us ( team) to develop the browser based online video conference service as a solution for online video calling at any device. It simply enable you to call other person by just sending the link.

Also there is no need to say that video conference is much more efficient way of communication (in terms of sharing visual information) than just usual phone call.

And consequently to surprise you even more we can add that web conference service is free. So you are welcome to use it and we hope it will make a sufficient contribution to your business success!

Warm regards, team.

Online conference call etiquette. What rules to follow?

Weekend is always the time in terms of refreshing your mind and thinking. So I decided to share with followers and readers some thoughts about modern society and its treatment to etiquette rules. 
Yesterday one man told me that asking woman about her age is old fashion rule of etiquette, which shall be omitted and not followed by the next generations. I could not agree with him at that moment, because everything, which people developed through ages must be kept by young generations and improved, but not forgotten. 
This talk has triggered another topic in my head, which is conversation etiquette during online conference call. It’s a well known fact that there were no such possibility to call online before. That’s why there are no general agreements on how to carry such a conversation. So the question is: shall we follow the ‘unspoken rules’ of phone conversation and apply them to  online calls and conferences?
Well, I don’t think so. But I’m more than sure that this is just right time to develop these rules. So here are my list of general ideas concerning online conference etiquette:
1) Be on time. It’s even better to stay online 15 minutes before the call, so other conference participants will be aware of you availability.  
2) Work on the conference agenda and goals beforehand. Otherwise the time will be wasted.
3) Write down the action points. It’s also useful to have action points after the online meeting. So everyone knows what will be his duty after the call.
4) It’s obvious to mention, but you shall be dressed appropriately during business related online conferences.
5) Do not interrupt and know when is your turn to speak. Usually conference is held by one person, who decide on the next speaker.
6) Make round table session as meeting conclusion. This means in the end of call everyone can share his topic or problem to be discussed.
I tried to keep this list as short as possible, but if you have something to add, please feel free to comment this post. And maybe we have online conference calls agreements built the next days ;)
Have a happy Sunday,

Meet - not just a simple app for groceries

Summer time rocks! Sun and parties! Fun everywhere!

That’s why today we are going to share with you a very easy way of collaborative grocery shopping.

Just visit, make a list of drinks and snacks and share it with friends, who might be on the way to the local supermarket ;)

Once they have a product bought - you’ll see it immediately checked in the list. 

It’s handy just before the party starts! Agree?