How to setup video call online at website? is website for videocalling, which is free of charge and does not require installation of any additional software.

The following video instructions will lead you through the video call setup at website:

Videocall someone?

We continue our tip session and today we are going to talk about personal web pages for calls in the internet.

As everyone might know, does not provide a service for chatting with strangers in terms of privacy requlations.
However you are not restricted to have your own personal chat room (as known as Personal link).

You can create it and share with others (via Twitter, Facebook, Skype, WhatsUp or any other way), so people can reach you at this page.

Note: you will be still able to decide either pick up or hang up the incomming call.

Isn’t it cool possibility to find new friends in internet and speak about common interests?

Kind regards, team.

Privacy is the vital feature for online video messenger

Now in the age of extremely high growth of advertising and competing for user information, the privacy is not just important, but essential point for everybody.

Most of advertisers are using the retargeting technology, which is simply ‘marking’ an internet user in order to show him/her the relative ads, based on his/her internet search and serf history.

And it’s not only about internet sites and search engines. Most of the biggest messengers are not exceptions as well.

Let’s take Facebook or Skype as examples. Have you seen there the advertising, which is close to your latest web search? Obviously, yes!

So that’s why we are rising the question of privacy these days and moreover trying to make users’ experience as secure as possible.

How do we do that? it’s simply in the core of the WebRTC technology, which we use for the service. To explain it shortly: It is peer-to-pear communication technology, so there is no third party in between calling users. And that’s why nobody can steal or see your information, except of the people you are talking with.

We hope this article will be a triggering point for you in terms of consideration your own security and privacy. 

With kind regards, team

Personal internet page for videocalls: how to add contacts?

After launching contact list in personal pages, followed by the posibility to import Facebook and Google+ contacts, we are happy to inform that from now on it is also possible to call other users from your personal page as well as to add their contacts to your contact list!

Don’t you have a personal internet page for videocalls yet?

Just create it here.

There are only few steps to follow for adding a user to your contact list:

1) click the button “Add contact” on the top of your personal page once you’ve logged into it:
2) in the appearing searchbox look for contact name (username of the owner of another page), which you want to add to your list.
3) once user is founded, click the green button with ‘+’ sign next to it:
4) after this action, the request will be sent to the user, whom you want to add to your personal list of contacts.

4) after the request acceptance the contact will appear in your list.
Note: if the button next to the found contact is grey (step 3), than user has not accepted your invitation yet. 
Warm and kind regards, team.

Как добавить контакт на персональной странице

Наверняка Вы уже слышали о возможности иметь свою собственную интернет страничку для совершения видео звонков (читать подробнее).

Для обладателей такой страницы рада сообщить, что теперь стало возможным добавлять других пользователей (то есть других  счастливых обладателей персональной страницы) в Ваш список контактов.

Итак, чтобы добавить контакт в список на Вашей персональной странице необходимо:

1) нажать на кнопку “Добавить контакт” в верхней панели меню на вашей странице:
2) найти пользователя, которого хотите добавить и нажать кнопку добавления (зеленая со знаком “+”) напротив контакта.
3) после этого Вашему собеседнику будет отправлен запрос на разрешение добавить его в Ваш список контактов. 
4) после подтверждения запроса собеседником, его контакт появится в Вашем списке.
Если при поиске кнопка добавления контакта (см. п.2) неактивна, значит Ваш собеседник еще не подтвердил Ваш запрос на его добавление в Ваш список.
Приятного видео общения,